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SSP Awareness Programme in Madhya Pradesh

The global food requirement to meet the demand of growing population and changing dietary habits calls for not only increasing but also sustaining Crop Productivity. Today Indian agriculture is passing through a difficult situation. The crop productivity in most of the states is either stagnating or declining for last several years though there has been an increase in use of fertilisers. This further attributes to imbalanced use of fertilisers; the fertiliser use is more skewed towards N fertilisers compared to P & K fertilisers. P & K nutrition plays a vital role in increasing the crop productivity along with Nitrogen.

The cost of cultivation is escalating day by day due to increase in input cost. Therefore, there is also need of judicious use of different fertilisers as these inputs are costly and our country is heavily dependent on imports of plant nutrients. This has become more evident in last 2 years wherein there has been substantial increase in P & K fertiliser prices, most of which is imported. In such a situation, it becomes more of Fertiliser Industry’s responsibility to promote 3 important things to help increase the crop productivity and soil fertility.

  • Best agronomic practices
  • Right source of fertiliser and
  • Integrated Nutrient Management

SSP is first commercial mineral fertiliser which can be an excellent phosphate source containing S and Ca as added plant nutrients. Presence of S and Ca can be of agronomic advantage for most of the crops as these plant nutrients play an important role in increasing the crop productivity.

Thus understanding its role, Shriram Farm Solutions has taken-up the onus of creating & spreading mass awareness about Single Super Phosphate Fertiliser in various states of India. Through this awareness programme, Shriram Farm Solutions will educate the farmers on use of SSP and the benefits generated subsequently.

To start with, the awareness programme has been initiated in the state of Madhya Pradesh. This programme will cover around 1200 villages spread across 21 districts of Madhya Pradesh. The following stakeholder awareness activities are carried out as part of the programme

  • Technical Seminars by distinguished agricultural experts, to share their experiences of SSP
  • Retailers meetings to educate the trade about benefits of SSP

The message being communicated to the target audience of the awareness programme are as below

  1. Role of Different Phosphatic fertilisers in increasing crop productivity of MP
  2. Exploring SSP as an important Phosphatic fertiliser to increase the crop productivity
  3. Role of SSP in increasing Crop productivity of Oil seeds crop
  4. Integrated plant nutrient management with respect to fertilisers source
  5. Role of SSP in increasing Crop productivity in Onion & garlic crop

Technical seminars and retailer meetings held at various locations in Madhya Pradesh