Shriram 8866 Bajra

How Shriram 8866 Bajra has helped progress India’s Millet Mission

Millets, known as nutri-cereals, are celebrated for their nutrient density and resilience to harsh climatic conditions. Their rich nutritional profile, including high levels of protein, fiber, and essential minerals, makes them an excellent choice for improving dietary health. India’s Millet Mission, is an initiative that was formed to increase both the awareness of the benefits of millet consumption and its inclusion in daily diets across the country and the world. Among the various millet varieties, Shriram 8866 Bajra has emerged as a frontrunner, playing a crucial role in advancing this mission.

Introducing Shriram 8866 Bajra: High-Yield, Fast-Maturing, Disease-Resistant Hybrid

What is Shriram 8866 Bajra?

Developed by Shriram Farm Solutions, a prominent player in India’s agricultural sector, Shriram 8866 Bajra is a high-yielding hybrid bajra variety. A part of the comprehensive range of science-backed Shriram Farm Solutions products, this pioneering variety offers multiple advantages that make it special:

  • High yield: Shriram 8866 Bajra boasts impressive yields, exceeding the average per acre yield received by other prominent traditional bajra varieties. This translates to increased income for farmers.
  • Shorter maturity period: This variety matures in just 75-80 days, allowing farmers to increase crop intensity. This efficient land utilization strengthens overall agricultural productivity.
  • Strong stalks: Shriram 8866 Bajra features robust stalks, minimizing lodging (plants falling over) even during heavy rains. This reduces crop loss and wastage.
  • Disease resistance: The variety exhibits tolerance to several diseases common to bajra, lowering reliance on chemical pesticides and promoting sustainable agriculture.

How does Shriram 8866 Bajra contribute to the Millet Mission?

Shriram 8866 Bajra significantly contributes to the Millet Mission in several ways:

  • Increased millet production 

The scientific formulation of Shriram 8866 Bajra ensures higher yields for farmers which directly translates to a rise in India’s overall millet production. This strengthens the nation’s food security by helping meet the growing demand for millets.

  • Improved farmer income

Shriram seeds are known for their high yields and Shriram 8866 Bajra provides sufficient testament of this guarantee. Higher yields and efficient land use with Shriram 8866 Bajra lead to better returns for farmers, incentivizing them to cultivate millets on a consistent basis. 

  • Promoting sustainable practices

The superior resistance of Shriram 8866 Bajra to common diseases that plague the ‘bajra’ crop, reduces farmers’ reliance on pesticides, promoting increased organic and eco-friendly agriculture practices throughout the country. 

Shriram Farm Solutions: Empowering farmers, promoting the Millet Mission

Shriram 8866 Bajra exemplifies how Shriram Farm Solutions, through its commitment to innovative seed development, plays a crucial role in achieving the goals of India’s Millet Mission. By empowering farmers with high-yielding and resilient varieties, Shriram 8866 Bajra is paving the way for a future where millets become a staple crop. This not only ensures food security but also promotes sustainable agricultural practices, contributing to the creation of a healthier and more resilient food system in India.

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